Mapping The World’s

Underground Infrastructure

Cartacoustics has developed a new approach to underground mapping and locating. By using specially crafted sound, we can find, locate and map buried infrastructure faster, more accurately and deeper than any other available method. With 20+ million miles of underground stuff (water pipes, waste water, telecommunications cables, gas pipelines, electrical lines, etc.), most of which is 30+ years old or older, the need to find and fix these items and avoid other nearby buried is increasing. The different kinds of materials used for underground infrastructure, ranging from metallic conduits (e.g. cast iron and aluminum) to clay to plastic and pvc, make locating them without digging a very cumbersome and lengthy process. Until now…

Cartacoustics has developed patent-pending technology employing high-frequency sound pulses that can locate and fix the positions of all types of buried structures. This method of surveying covers a larger area faster than existing approaches, sees deeper into the ground and provides 3D, geo-referenced positions for such structures. We can even distinguish cables from water pipes from gas pipes based on the signals we measure.

We can help infrastructure owners keep track of their buried infrastructure, help locators find specific infrastructure faster and more reliably, and provide critical data for engineers to design and build new structures without damaging existing pipes and cables. All of these benefits are available within existing cost and schedule constraints.

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