Cartacoustics’ Advanced Sonic Technologies™, or AST, uses sound to detect and locate buried infrastructure.  We have solved many of the problems of prior acoustic locating equipment, and we have successfully executed many projects for engineering firms, municipal water organizations and oil refineries.  

Searching for a non-invasive solution to locating underground structures?


Has a line strike cost you time or money?


Need a better way to locate underground structures?


Do you need SUE ASCE 38-02 QL-B quality infrastructure data?

If You Said “Yes!” to Any of These Questions…

3d map from Cartacoustics Advanced Sonic Technologies3d Map from Cartacoustics Advanced Sonic Technologies

Can Help!

AST’s unique acoustic sonde detects and positions underground structures made from any material and in all soil conditions (how it works). We consolidate many of these individual collections into a complete 3-dimensional picture of the underground. AST provides unprecedented insight into underground features because we detect all infrastructure regardless of material and we work in all soils and soil conditions.

AST capabilities provide Game-Changing Benefits for

  • Reliable Projects
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Asset Management

  • Better Designs
  • Better Planning
  • Client Satisfaction

  • Reliable Project Execution
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Client Satisfaction

Current Events

Cartacoustics is featured in a segment of Inside the Blueprint on Fox Business & Bloomberg Int’l.

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  • Article Published

August 7, 2020 8:00 am

Cartacoustics published “Not Your Grandfather’s Underground Mapmakingin the July/August issue of Pipe Cleaning Pro magazine.


In The World

  • Geoff Zeiss Blog Post

Geoff Zeiss did a blog post about AST which you can read here.

  • Satisfied Customer:

“Based on these results, we are confident the AST method can be successfullly applied as an alternative to other non-invasive techniques in locations with ground environments that preclude the use of more traditional technologies”

Mike Metcalf, Ph.D., Senior Expert Engineer

Aging Infrastructure Group, Brown & Caldwell