Advance Sonic Technologies Live, or ASTlive!, is a new approach to locating underground infrastructure. By using specially-crafted sound, we can locate and trace buried pipes and cables more reliably and deeper than any other available method.

ASTlive! is the first of its kind in underground locating technology. We can find and measure depth of infrastructure down to 30 ft on the spot. This helps engineers, infrastructure owners and contractors operate in the field in safer and more confident ways, reducing downtime due to strikes and protecting existing cables and pipes.

ASTlive!’s sonic approach to locating has a number of key advantages over existing, non-invasive locating technologies that we showcase in the table below. One very important one is that sound can detect non-conducting structures made with PVC, fiberglass, plastic, concrete or vitreous clay. This means we can find all types of materials used for subterranean infrastructure.  Another is that sound is much less affected by soil types and soil conditions.  We have successfully collected in saturated soils along the gulf coast, rocky and sandy soils in the mountain west, and in high-clay content soils. We have also collected with 4 inches of snow on the ground and immediately after a hard rain.

These advantages and the others highlighted in the table below offer better location products and more flexible and timely collections. You can learn even more by downloading our ASTlive! flyer.


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ASTlive Technology

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