The ASTmap!™ is the product that summarizes the acoustic underground survey. The data is first collected in the field using ASTlive!™ equipment and/or ASTserv!™ operations. Cartacoustics’ custom systems generate the ASTmap! quickly and efficiently from the field data. The ASTmap! highlights areas where underground structures have been located and areas that are free from acoustic returns. These areas show where it is safe to dig and where caution is required. In addition to the ASTmap!, we can provide more detailed information on depth of cover to detected structures in various formats. This provides our customers with a deeper level of insight to reduce excavation risk.

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Be Extremely Cautious!

Red areas of the map are considered the dig points where our field technologies have confirmed the presence of underground structures.


Dig teams operating in red areas of the AST Map need to work with extreme caution to avoid contact with these existing structures.

Be Moderately Cautious!

Yellow areas of the map are labeled the areas due to potential underground structures being detected.


Dig teams should employ caution when excavating, and follow all prudent excavation procedures.

All Clear!

Green areas on the AST Map are the areas where excavation can proceed relatively quickly and poses a minimal risk of encountering subterranean obstructions.

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