ASTserv!™ is our field data collection service featuring our certified team onsite gathering the data necessary to produce a map of subsurface infrastructures for our customers. Our crew works closely with our clients and is highly capable of working in any environment, including highways, industrial plants, and residential neighborhoods.

ASTserv! is Efficient… and Safe

Our acoustic locating technology doesn’t disturb the ground and is intrinsically safe. Our people focus on being efficient and safe to get the job done in a accurate and timely manner. The timeline for the data collection process depends on the size and complexity of the job, with smaller projects requiring only a day or two and larger areas requiring up to a week or more for completion. Utilizing our custom tools, the information collected in the field is consolidated into a functional and readily-applicable data product that we call the ASTmap!™. For a typical day-long collection, the processing and analysis takes a day or two. This means that results are generally available within a week for review.

Field teams provide all the required equipment for operating on site each day. Jobs that require multiple days in the field will require additional coordination for resupply.

For a timely quote, the Cartacoutics’ ASTserv! group will ask for the following information:

  • Size of survey area, a CAD or GIS file of the relevant area
  • Surface conditions (paved, unconsolidated, bedrock, etc.)
  • Existing surveys and known structures
  • Permits and other documents required for access
  • Site contacts
  • Insurance requirements
  • Availability of power and cell service

Download the ASTserv! flyer for more information.

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