Contractor Benefits

Contractors Benefit From Knowing About All Underground Infrastructure

Our increasingly complex and complicated world requires complex and complicated work to be done. Protecting the health, safety, and well-being of the people on or very near the project sites is critical. Environmental protections are also critical. It takes a lot of resources for an organization to address these responsibilities. We can help you do all this better.


Cartacoustics Advanced Sonic Technologies, or AST, provides you with information about all underground infrastructure. This information is critical to prepare bids which accurately reflect the cost of the work. It is critical to creating job schedules, site management plans, and budgets which can be effectively executed.  And to working effectively with clients and engineers.

Reliable Project Execution

Minimize Delays and Interruptions

Earn Bonuses and Avoid Penalties

Enhance Staff and Equipment Deployment

Risk Mitigation

Improve Excavation Safety

Improve Construction Planning

Lower Insurance Costs

Client Satisfaction

Deliver on Time and Budget

Change Order Minimization

Improve Reputations

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