The Beginning 2015-2016

The founder of Cartacoustics, Dr. Grey Tarkenton, discovered the concept behind the company at the end of 2015 after attending a presentation on 3D laser scanning. Following the presentation, he began to conceptualize a similar process but shifted the purpose to finding infrastructure underground.

A few weeks of reflecting led to a viable approach using sound as the main tool to achieve completing subsurface surveys. He created an acoustically oriented process and a test prototype was initiated.

2016 led to research and modeling of the business potential this new technology could encompass, and the company was formally established in the spring of 2016.

The summer of 2016 saw the new company conduct tests confirming the viability of the product’s potential.

Grey Tarkenton

Development and Gaining Ground 2016-2018

The feasibility and the market were there and Cartacoustics successfully secured seed funding in the fall of 2016. By March of 2017, a working prototype was constructed followed by a provisional patent for Advanced Sonic Technology (AST) device. The summer of 2017 saw significant work on the processing algorithms and the output map definition. With a functioning AST Pro™ prototype, Cartacoustics completed its first acoustic survey in November of 2017.

2018 saw the growth of Cartacoustics continue with the first revenue recorded early in the year and a second round of investment occurring shortly thereafter. The team performed numerous field demonstrations and staged hardware exhibits at tradeshows to advertise Cartacoustics’ new technology. AST Pro now had a completed patent application and Cartacoustics turned its development attention to a real time point locating device and introduced the new AST Live™.

Cartacoustics Diagram

This Year 2019

In 2019, Cartacoustics has continued to expand and develop its potential adding two additional products in the lineup. The AST Serv™ and AST DigSAFE Map™ are the two products that help turn processed data into underground infrastructure maps and are integral parts to the company’s core deliverables.

Future Goals

Cartacoustics will further progress their products, services and business model through continued technological advancements and market experience, developing into the most viable option for underground structure detection. Check out the Events page for more information on what Cartacoustics is doing now and how we are continuing our story!

Grey Tarkenton - ASTlive


Grey Tarkenton President/CEO

Grey has over 30 years of experience in multiple industries, including 17 in aerospace, 5 in oil and gas, and 10 years as a consultant in various industries (IT, telecom, municipal services). He earned a doctorate in physics from the University of Texas at Austin in 1996.

These industrial and educational experiences gave him the technical background in remote sensing, cartography, acoustics, image processing, direction finding and computed tomography to build Cartacoustics. Cartacoustics is his 6th start-up company, which adds a very solid business sense to the technical mix.

Joe Vickrey Director of Operations

Joe’s professional experience has encompassed a diverse progressive journey. After earning an Associate Degree in Mechanical Design, spurred by his interest mechanical component relationships, Joe began a career in product design and manufacturing engineering.


During his engineering career he gained experience in numerous industries including medical devices, specialty automotive and recreational vehicle accessories and industrial pneumatic equipment. Although successful in each of the companies associated with this experience the short-term aspect of the positions challenged Joe to seek a more secure career opportunity.


After research and consideration, Joe determined the skills earned through his engineering experience uniquely qualified him to enter the recruiting and staffing business, as his engineering journey included multiple placements from this industry. Through the next 15 years Joe successfully recruited and hired hundreds of technical professionals for direct or contract positions with clients in multiple industries.


The experience gained during this phase of his career enabled Joe to progress into management level positions with several recruiting, staffing and engineering companies, concluding as the recruiting manager for an oil, gas and pipeline engineering firm, which he grew from less than 100 to more than 300 in a short 3 years. Following the acquisition of that company by a large multinational engineering firm, Joe was promoted into a business development role.


The next years allowed him to apply his relationship building skill and develop advanced understanding of marketing and sales processes. Now through application of the skills developed over his career, Joe applies his product development, manufacturing, operations, recruiting and personnel management, along with his sales and marketing skill-sets to propel Cartacoustics, LLC into a prominent role in multiple markets.

Barton Haase Director of Mapping Operations

Bart Haase worked in the municipal pipeline industry for many years, primarily in the Denver Metro area. He has worked with water distribution systems and sanitary sewer and storm water drainage systems. Also related facilities such as pumping facilities, water storage tanks, potable and wastewater treatment plants, and metering and monitoring systems. He has developed maintenance programs for pipeline systems with database applications to record results and project future requirements. He has bid and managed pipeline construction projects and successfully managed the implementation and completion of those programs and projects.

Mr. Haase has worked on a long-term basis with special districts, municipalities, state and federal agencies, and private corporations. His experience includes pipeline construction, rehabilitation using slip-lining and cured-in-place technologies., maintenance of water storage tanks up to 8-million-gallon capacity, soil erosion prevention, hazardous materials handling, confined-space management and control, and video inspection of pipelines and other structures. His experience extends to unusual items such as inspecting dam piping for the US Forest Service, thawing frozen pipelines, work with cyanide-solution pipeline systems at a gold mine, “pigging” large-diameter pipelines, and tunnel inspection.

More recently, Mr. Haase has worked on a consulting and contract basis doing software engineering for governmental agencies and private business. His clients have included organizations involved with satellite imagery, the largest school district in Colorado, special districts and municipalities, and private and public corporations in insurance, electronic payments, manufacturing, retail, business-process-management, defense contractors, distribution, and literacy.

Mapping and GIS systems have been a recurring theme in Mr. Haase’s career. From the earliest version of the Autodesk Infrastructure Server and early electronic map distributions to geodetic referenced satellite imagery to customer and inquiry management based on zip codes and other geographic criteria, mapping has been an aspect of Mr. Haase’s work. Mapping and the display of related information is an increasingly important aspect for virtually all industries in this technological era.

Tech Team

Bill Braswell – SW Engineer
George C TownerSignal Processing
Jim ColosimoMechanical Engineer

Business and Marketing Team

Bill Murray, PCCPA
Dennis Howe – Howe Creative – Marketing Communications
Peter Gadkowski, PCLegal
Peter Meza – Intellectual Property
Tom McRee – Business Development


Dave Mazzuca, Investor, owner of NTC Mazzuca Contracting