Owner Benefits

Infrastructure Owners Benefit From Knowing About All The Infrastructure Underground

People depend on your critical infrastructure. Families, businesses, and governments need water and sewer systems, power, and communications to live their lives and do their work and to thrive in your community.


Development, operation, repair and expansion of your underground systems will impact the surrounding communities.  Knowing its location and the location of adjacent infrastructure allows owners to mitigate those impacts, from engineering and design through restart and operations.  Collaborating with engineers and contractors who know how to gather this information is critical to the success of these kinds of projects. See below to see the value AST can bring to you for Project Reliability, Risk Mitigation, and Asset Management.

Reliable Projects

On Schedule and On Budget

Minimize Change Orders

Safer Construction Planning and Execution

Risk Mitigation

Strike or Damage Avoidance

Complete Infrastructure Location

Safer Repair, Upgrade and Expansion

Asset Management

Operational Integrity

Safer Operations

Regulatory Compliance

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