Working With Cartacoustics

There are several ways to engage with Cartacoustics to complete an AST project. The earlier in the project lifecycle that an underground survey occurs, the more benefit the information provides.  There are clear benefits for infrastructure owners, engineering firms and contractors.  Every project has a sequence of phases and our interaction and style of engagement is characterized by who participates in what phase.

Each project involves three main steps:

      1. A project definition and planning phase
      2. A field execution phase, and
      3. A data analysis and product generation phase

These three phases are shown in sequence in the graphic to the right.  The definition and planning phase generally precedes the field execution phase.  The data analysis phase overlaps the field activities to provide quality feedback and to capture any rework or additional coverage needed for the output products.

Typical projects survey 0.5-5 acres and take anywhere from 10 to 16 weeks to complete from definition to delivery.  The duration depends on the project location, size and complexity. The minimum information required to define a project scope are:

    • Site Location and Condition
    • Schedule and Site Access
    • Project Goals / Deliverables





                                      Typical Project Phase Workflow


The type project defines the roles and responsibilities of the participants.  We have successfully executed projects in all the forms shown in the chart below.

The Owner-Execution project type requires purchase or lease of AST equipment.  Contact us for more information about configurations, pricing and delivery.  The AST equipment is easy to use and to deploy, and we offer extensive training to become proficient in field operations.

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